Syria if given a chance will rebuild. The Syrian people are brave and smart, they can overcome this.


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Dakho Dakho (@Dakho) Pinned comment
The future of Syria look very bleak, mainly due to foreign intervention of Assad's allies and continued Saudi meddling through its Jihadi thugs. Damascus will effectively be run by Tehran and Saudi thugs will dominate opposition to Assad as they have been doing in the past few years. What both these sides have in common is their visions for a sectarian engineered map of Syria.
Assad might be in control of "The Useful Syria" (the corridor between Damascus and Aleppo), while the rest of the country will remain fragmented and the opposition to Assad dominated by Saudi back Jihadi thugs.
As Robin Yassin Kassab* has mentioned the process of 'Palestinisation' of the Syrian people has begun. Aleppo and Syria have simply been abandoned by the world.

* Book below is a great source of info on Syrian revolution and civil war.

Burning Country: Syrians in Revolution and War

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