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lizzy lizzy (@lizzy) Pinned comment
If he had a strong interest in taking this position I would imagine that it was discussed (read, negotiated) with HRC when he decided not to run against her. Personally I think that this is an intentional leak by the Clinton campaign to help win some last minute support among undecided voters.

"Biden and Clinton reportedly clashed over foreign policy while Clinton served as secretary of State. She is known to have advocated for interventionist measures, while Biden often called for a lighter footprint on the world stage."

Would Biden really want to have her as his boss, carrying out a much more aggressive foreign policy than Obama and one that he's uncomfortable with? Maybe, but I doubt it. I can however see the appeal in having Biden as her Secretary of State. Well-known at home and abroad, well-respected and liked, viewed as a moderate -- all of which help soften Clinton's image as a hawk and sell her foreign policy vision.

By the way, has a former Vice President ever becomeSecretary of State or would this be a first?
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ashianeh ashianeh (@ashianeh) replied to lizzy (@lizzy) Pinned comment
In today's American circus everything is possible. I
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