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Dakho Dakho (@Dakho) Pinned comment
"Political Debate Heats Up in Iran" is a truism typical of shallow journalism. In the past 38 years political debate in Islamic State of Iran has always been heated, the problem is that it's always 'heated,' extremely violent and unaccountable. Never cooling down.
Islamic State of Iran (also erroneously known as Islamic Republic, since IR has always been nothing but a farce, never a proper, true, democratic Republic, due to its Theocratic nature).
This theme of Islamic State of Iran is a theme worth expanding since there are tons of vernacular instances; comparing Mullahs to Taliban in street chants 'Taliban Haya Kon, Hokomato Raha Kon' or comparisons between mullahs and ISIS laws, 'legistation' and regulations, not to mention stoning and Ghesas,...
Although in its early infancy stages, as a movement, this religious state was kindled by Monarchy's Crisis of Legitimacy mullahs soon turned Iranian politics to a set of pre-determined, engineered continuum of crisis. Cinema Rex was the very first such instance. After coming to power Hostage crisis was followed by war and its continuation for six useless year, the latest crisis was the sanctions which almost destroyed Iran's economy, and the economy wasn't in a good shape to begin with.
In academia there's a field of Crisis Management, mullahs turned this into Management by Crisis.
From Bazargan, to Banisadr to Rafsanjani, Khatemi, Rohany as the persian proverb goes:
!خر همون خره, پالونش عوض شده
"Reformer" after "Reformer" goes up against mullahs-Sepah alliance and is tossed away. Yet Sepah is fully aware of clergy's uselessness and all the liabilities involved, AN's administration was supposed to be the start of a separation between the two, but all the dysfunctionalities, defeats, thefts and pure incompetencies, back fired in a big way, with Baaghaiey in jail, and AN maybe next? Let's hope so.
This whole post-JCPA 'heating up' is only the latest chapter of a long, sad tail.
To make a long story short Sepah has turned into a Behemoth economic-military-political-cultural complex, accountable to no one. With its own piers and biggest share of Iran's Informal Economy.
The problems Sepah faces now are:
- Contemporary Iranian social movements which, unlike political parties of 80's, are horizontal structures , decentered and leaderless.
- A collapsing financial network, symptomatic of a system where fraud is SYSTEMATIC (Tavakoli).
- Plus a collapsing environmental landscape, including Air, Water, Soil,...and the kitchen sink.
As a concluding line we could end with a simple query.
Could Sepah continue its presence without crisis and operate otherwise?
And the answer would be: No. For obvious reasons, but that's another discussion.

We would be remiss not to thank disciples of Ayatollah Brzezinski and Navab for gracing us in here. Especially Navab's, hiding behind Kasravy!

For lack of space there'll be just a mention of Franz Nuemann, for now.

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Dakho Dakho (@Dakho) Pinned comment
Lobelog follies continues unabated, with shallow journalism and out right distortions and mistakes, like that funny little map in which one and half million Baluchis in Iran were ethnically cleansed, to prove the greatness of Persian chauvinism.

This other funny little piece tonight totally side steps the nature of the Islamic State in Iran, which happens to be a Theocratic Totalitarianism. The conflict between 'reformers' and hardliners has been a central characteristic of this state, only the names change but the content of the issues remains the same. The first 'reformer' ousted was Bazargan, followed by Bani Sadr, and then Rafsanjani, Khatemi, Rohanhy.
Along the line Khatemi an ex president has become persona non grata, his pictures prohibited from any social media, while another ex-prime minister and an ex speaker of the house are eight years into a permanent house arrest.

Biggest mistake of this author is an underestimation of Sepah and how this political-military Behemoth, unaccountable to anyone in the land, is the real center of power and not the clergy.

Monopolization of power is what Sepah has always sought and hence its commitment to prevention of any effort that might undermine such monopolizing stratagems of Sepah. And we all know what happens when all efforts for reform are derailed, suppressed and destroyed; people resort to non-reformist means.

The current tensions between Sepah and 'reformists' is about the share of theft and looting from our monies. 'Reformers' are open to giving a free hand to and sharing the theft with multi-nationals, while Sepah doesn't want to share anything with anyone. Politics of both sides are Neoliberal, Open-Market oriented.

And we all know how Trans-Atlantic alliance is the source of Neoliberalism.
Besides the fact that Islamic State in Iran has been the best gift the US has had in past 38 years, not to mention how mullahs wholeheartedly supported the US invasions and occupations of both Iraq and Afghanistan.

And let's not forget how the Islamic State in Iran has directly and indirectly helped the growth of various terrorist entities in Iran. The Islamic State of Iran directly helped the growth of Salafi Sunni terrorist tendencies in Iranian Kurdestan, as a buffer against Kurdish nationalist and Leftist current (the exact same mistake made by shah) and mullahs have always indirectly helped MEK by destroying non-violent modes of protests and giving MEK room to grow.

In conclusion we could safely say that the Theocratic Totalitarian Islamic State in Iran is the best tool and medium for implementation of Trans-Atlantic Neoliberal order in Iran, and mullahs, directly and indirectly, are the biggest incubator of terrorists in our land.

هموطن علاف روحاني مشو

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Ash Ash (@Ash) Pinned comment
It is amusing how multi-accounting degenerate losers from the Iranian left-wing are trying to salvage the fragments of their shattered credibility by pretending to be genuine voices of dissent and creating the illusion that they are on the side of neither the Islamic regime nor the Trans-Atlantic Empire. But any clever person can see through this poor smokescreen. These cyber-agents of the Neo-liberal Empire and its regional allies are so poor at spreading their own drivel on the internet that they seem unaware that they're openly contradicting themselves by admitting the presence of a Trans-Atlantic Empire only few days after denying its existence!

Another contradiction of theirs being their support for the integration of Iran into the exploitative global Neo-liberal economy only few days before criticizing that same economic model, in addition to their support for Iranian "cooperation" with Washington. Not to mention their open support for the territorial fragmentation of Iran and the use terrorism against the nation while presenting themselves as ones who have only the interests of the country in mind. Funny how some individuals manage to talk from both ends of their mouths.

It must be a very mentally exhausting job to use seven different accounts at the same time in promoting propaganda that serves the State Department and its allies on the Western shore of the Persian Gulf. It makes one forget some the rubbish one is spreading all the time, which sometimes leads to stupidly open contradictions.

Hilarious how power-hungry pseudo-Marxist vermin are fantasizing about holding and monopolizing power in Iran, exploiting Iranian resources to fill their pockets, and sending everyone who opposes them to labor camps, true to the tradition of their former spiritual leaders in Moscow, the bare-headed Ayatollahs of the Kremlin, who now have been replaced by the new masters in Washington. They are already at work on the internet, trying to slander other voices of dissent in an attempt at monopolizing the opposition to the mullahs. Who else but a moral and intellectual failure, a political loser, would engage in political charlatanism.

What is also noteworthy here is the striking similarity between the rhetoric used by the pseudo-Marxist traitors and their turban-wearing brothers-in-treason currently holding Iran as a hostage, both of whom being the enemies of Iran and serving the interests of foreign foes.

Two sides of the same coin:

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iraj iraj (@iraj) replied to Ash (@Ash) Pinned comment
Jenabe Ash,

What is your solution for all the problems facing Iranian Americans?
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Ash Ash (@Ash) replied to iraj (@iraj) Pinned comment
If Iranian-Americans are indeed a community, then they need to start acting as one entity with one voice, forgetting all the ethnic, religious, sectarian, class, and political differences they have brought with them from Iran. Only through determined solidarity and organization can effective consensus and action be formulated. Otherwise Iranian-Americans will remain similar to stray cats.

That's all I can say as an outside observer.
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