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Jahangir Khoshrou

In 1839 Charles Goodyear invented condom. The purpose behind
his invention was 3 folds:

1- To provide the means for Birth control.
2- To prevent sexually transmitted diseases.
3- To make profit.

Charles Goodyear never envisaged that in the political circles, the politicians preferred unprotected sex, in fact, the politicians enjoy “SEX” in its brutal form of “RAPE”.
Confused!, then let me explain!. 

The best example of this case is the “RAPE” of Iraq and Afghanistan by United States of America.....The “CONDOM”, in this case, is prevailing study of the ground facts namely: socio-political natures of the people and countries, country's history, division of sects, the vacuum being created and how to fill it, and the lack of local leadership in the aforementioned countries after the invasion.

In the absence of political Condom, the United States in its sexual activities in both countries achieved the following results:

1- George W Bush prematurely ejaculated the words
2- Transmitted the disease of sectarianism, causing unwanted pregnancies followed by:
3- Giving birth to unwanted Bastard children namely: ISIS, Jibhat Nusra and al-qaeda .
The siblings following maturity are now on a rampage.
So for a safer world, all politicians must be encouraged to wear the “Political Condom” before contemplating "SEX" with other nations!.
Inform your members of the Parliament!.


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