Patience- Damien Dempsey

14 +
Source: Youtube

Well I've exchanged the spear and the sword

For words and melody

Oh what a felony

How the record company pushes this McDonalds music

An aural lobotomy

For those who choose it

Corporations pumpin all this money into pop

To keep the real singers far away from the top

So folks are never told what these corporations do

Fuckin up the planet, exploiting me and you

From my room in Donaghmede
I'm 'bout to kick all your asses
Stick your pink champagne and fuck your backstage passes
A warrior comin down the mountain at ya
A woodkern springin from the trees to catch ya,
I'm lickin my wounds in the wilderness
Prayin for the warmth of the sun's kiss
My time will come
Your race is run
The throne's rightly mine
You greedy


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