Only 1 in 3 Willing to Make an Effort to do an Annual Deep Clean

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With party season on the horizon it might be time to get the duster out, clean the red wine stains off the carpet and fish out the old pieces of wrapping paper from behind the sofa!

However, despite the arrival of the new season it has been revealed that two thirds (66%) of us aren’t willing to do an annual clean.

However, now is the perfect time to give you that extra boost to bring in the new season as almost half (44%) have said that having a tidy home makes them feel more productive.

So, to help you with your yearly ‘cleanse’ we’ve got together five of the must know facts and tips to help you deep clean every area of you, your life and your home:

Clean Your Sponges

Albeit random, this is a cleaning must-know. A moist kitchen sponge is a haven for bacteria to live and accumulate. Your sponge can contain thousands of bacteria per square inch. Researchers have even reported that just 1m of water from a kitchen sponge can contain as much as 10 million bacteria. Bacteria love moisture and the moister a kitchen sponge is, the more it helps the bacteria to survive.

Top tip: To avoid this, you can pop the sponge in the dishwasher every few days on the ‘heated dry’ setting, or alternatively saturate the sponge (add a bit of lemon juice to the water to keep it extra fresh) and heat on high for two minutes every couple of days. However, be sure to keep an eye on it when it’s in there.

Clean Your Work Out

Ok, just because you mop the floors doesn’t mean you can skip a workout, but you would be surprised how many calories your annual spring clean can burn.

Top tips: An hour of mopping can shed 153 calories. Vacuuming can put a big dent in your 10,000 steps a day whilst also burning 119 calories per 30 minutes. Scrubbing the bath can burn 90 calories in 15 minutes and sweeping for 30 minutes can burn 136 calories.

Clean Your Clutter

A third of Brits (36%) have admitted they need to de-clutter their life, whether that be throwing out old clothes or clearing out the rubbish from their car. This will make you feel rejuvenated just in time for the new season.

Top tip: Go through everything. Throw away or give to charity any old clothes that you no longer wear. You can even sell them to make a small profit. Clear out the kitchen cupboards of the jar of mixed herbs that passed its sell by date 3 years ago. Maybe even rearrange some of your furniture. De-cluttering and changing the ordering of your furniture can be a great boost for your mental health.

Clean Your Carpets

A recent study by FastKlean revealed that 12% of us don’t feel that our lifestyle allows enough time to regularly vacuum our houses. Despite this studies have shown that carpets collect approximately ten times more dust than floor boards. They contain hair cells, skin cells, food debris, dirt and insects.

Top tip: Make sure you sweep your carpet with a broom; this will loosen up any ground in dirt for you to then vacuum.

 Clean Your Diet

Busy lifestyle and habit often lead to eating the same meals over and over with very little variation. Sticking to the same meals may mean that you’re missing out on certain nutrients and may mean you’re enjoying your food a lot less.

Top tip: Try and boost your inspiration for cooking. Try experimenting with foods that you have never tried, or even just purchase some different herbs and spices that you wouldn’t ordinarily put in your food. If you’re an unhealthy snacker – it may also be good to swap these for some healthy alternatives to mix up your diet.

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