On the road to Jerusalem

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A Christian met a Persian soldier, “Why do you go to Jerusalem?” the Christian asked,

“To fight a great war in Jerusalem to free Palestine”, the Persian soldier answered,

“Why do you go to Jerusalem?” the Persian soldier asked,

“To find Peace and be with God in the Holy Land”, the Christian answered,

The Persian soldier pondered what the Christian had said.

“But if you fight a great war in Jerusalem to free Palestine, you might die”, the Christian said worried now,

“Then we will both be with God, my friend”, the Persian soldier said, noting the worry on the Christian’s face.

“But why is it any of your business to fight this great war?”, the Christian asked with even greater concern, but now with a bit of anger too.

“Why is it your job to blindly support Israel, enslave Palestine, all… the… damn… time?” the Persian soldier replied quickly, and with a lot more bite in his anger, than the Christian had in his anger.

“Well at least we don’t…” and before the Christian or Persian soldier could say another word, a Buddhist who had been walking towards them from Jerusalem, reached them at the precise moment they were about to start arguing, stopped, put up his hands in front of their faces interrupting both of them, and said,

“OK! Seriously? Really? Well, Fuck All Y’all!” and proceeded to give each one of them the finger, accompanied by the trademark Buddha smile. Then he put his hands together in prayer, bowed, and kept on walking. 

Accompanied by the trademark Buddha smile.


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Dakho Dakho (@Dakho) Pinned comment
I'm afraid you have your whole historical narrative errounsely.
As we all know it was apostle Paul, on the road to Damascus. And he passed by a disciple of Ayatollah Brezinsky, and he simply shouted a vociferous, hearty, healthy and long


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tehranosaurusrex Behrouz Bahmani (@tehranosaurusrex) replied to Dakho (@Dakho) Pinned comment
Good one.

But my story happened yesterday...
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