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AhmadKasravy AhmadKasravy (@AhmadKasravy) Pinned comment
Another dastardly heinous act of hate violence against a defenseless victim, occurring just two weeks after another unspeakable hate crime in Portland. Trump's hyped up "America first" toxic rhetoric is significantly responsible for all these hate crimes and should be held accountable for them, including and up to legal proceeding and persecution.
Having said that, before any Muslim starts to feel sanctimonious or holier-than-thou I shall just mention the case of Ahmad Kasravy, who was brutally killed in public just because of his Reformist views on Shia Islam. It's noteworthy that practically every single sector of Iranian society opposed Kasravy's critical studies and publicly condemned him, from Navab to Shah to even the editor of Bakhtar Emrooz.
What has been happening to women political prisoners in Iran's jails in pre or post 1979 eras confirms a violent streak in our culture.
Nabra jan rest in peace.
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Ash Ash (@Ash) Pinned comment
Those hateful guys in the West are trying to flex their racist muscles on Muslim women. They almost never attack Muslim men and women accompanied by them. Cowardice at best.
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iraj iraj (@iraj) replied to Ash (@Ash) Pinned comment
Jenaab Ash,
What do you expect from the 'others' with their 'Cowardice' when the high flying super toop getter on this site calls %90 of muslims in Iran 'shitty shiettes'?
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