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Dakho Dakho (@Dakho) Pinned comment
Thank you for sharing this.
A topical article, which suffers from a lack of properly, well defined concepts.
Of course it's published in NYT and not Jacobine!
(Here's a shameless plug, and promotion of Jacobin-
It's interesting to read some of the readers' comments, and how they attempt to explain the dif between Socialism, Communism, and various different types of Capitalism. Such nuances are totally absent in the article itself.
Perhaps what these millennials hate the most is a lack of upward mobility, and they would have been a lot less anti-capitalist if they were is Sweden or Norway.
A bottom-up type of Socialism, built on participatory municipalism is obviously much more superior to the current global model on neoliberalism.
But when words like "whether we should scrap capitalism" are used, it brings back memories of all those ill-defined alternatives and simple-minded plans, which, more or less, have all failed.
People over profit yes.
Does that mean all types of markets shall be eliminated, immediately? Probably no.
A healthy balance between Public, Private and Cooperative sectors, with the aim of bolstering the Cooperative sector (in which producers control the production and distribution of good and services) as the dominant part of the economy might be the only viable, feasible solution.

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