Need to subscribe to 4 channels instead of 2.

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I was not able to get rid of the blue bar at the top without subscribing to 4 channels. It says two, correct? 


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john John Skorick (@john) Pinned comment
Hi @aurora

Thanks for signing up.

Currently we have the system set to require members to subscribe to a minimum of 5 Topics. This is to ensure their feed remains active while our community grows.

We'll run a few tests to ensure that message is displayed properly.

Thanks for the feedback and please let us know of any questions!

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aurora Aurora Afable (@aurora) replied to John Skorick (@john) Pinned comment
Oh. That's fine. I just wish that it would say "5" instead of "2". You're given one shot to impress viewers. Don't give them a reason to click the escape button!
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john John Skorick (@john) replied to Aurora Afable (@aurora) Pinned comment
Absolutely. If it said "2" it's an error. We've been testing to replicate and have any issue straightened out.

We've also realized the language can be improved once you've subscribed to a Topic (or 2 or 3) but still need to subscribe to more. We're adjusting that as well.

Thanks again for the feedback!
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