Membership date is updated on my profile

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I am not sure if I am guessing something wrong here, but I noticed the date on my profile is informing the current date instead of the date when I really joined the platform.

It is displaying this today (08/10/2017):

iypmv3rh.jpgMember since Aug 10, 2017

Although I am using Top Topic for some days now as my first post dated the first date of this month (08/01/2017) can show:

449g9xix.jpgSubmitted to +Arts Published Aug 01 By JorgeAmVF (@account)

I could be wrong, but I think it is happening on the profiles of other users as I checked the user attached to the first notification sent/received, surely before today:

gj7j1v9f.jpgMember since Aug 10, 2017

However others are not experiencing this, like the previous bug reporter, for instance:

9cavmoss.jpgMember since Feb 3, 2016

Well, I appreciate the attention and I hope it helps somehow!


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john John Skorick (@john) Pinned comment
Hi @account

This issue should be resolved. Can you confirm that everything looks correct on your end?

Thanks again for your help on this.


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john John Skorick (@john) Pinned comment
Hello @account

First, my apologies for the delay in response; I missed this report earlier today.

We will look into this and update you as soon as possible. It may take the weekend but I'll have more info by Monday.

Thanks for reaching out and for your contributions to TopTopic!

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