Maximizing the Engagement and Income Opportunity of Your Content

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Post Unique & Original Content: 

Many enjoy sharing and discussing links, but we’ve found that the more original and unique the content, the greater the ROI (return on investment).  Our submission tools allow you to build rich text posts, share your pics/videos and even get creative with lists or polls.




Invite Your Fans/Friends To Join You On TopTopic :

Submitting your content to TopTopic opens you up to the exposure of a new and growing audience.  It also enables you to maximize your existing fans and followers--many of whom are keen to reward you for your work.

Fans want to support those they follow and whose work they appreciate.  Let them know they can find and support you by adding your unique TopTopic url (i.e. to your social media profile(s) and by inviting them to join you on TopTopic.

You can invite people to Join TopTopic from the right column widget found on the sites home page. If you create your own Topic or frequently post to one, you can spread the word about that particular Topic by using the invite module found on the right side of that Topics home page.


Promote Your Content Across Social Networks:

After posting content on TopTopic, use the sharing options at the bottom of your post to share it across the social networks you have a presence on.  By doing so you will drive traffic to your TopTopic content and increase your ability to earn SuperTops.  The greater the exposure, the more money your content will generate.


Submit Previously Created Content To Grow Your Library:

Submitting past, as well as present and future content, gives community members more of your work to enjoy and further incentive to start following you for future updates.  It also enables your existing fans/followers to offer support for content which they had previously enjoyed.


The Importance of Regular Activity & Interaction:

Once you start submitting content and inviting your existing fans/followers, it's important to begin engaging with the existing TopTopic community.  By being an active community member who adds value, you are more likely to be rewarded (with SuperTops) for your contributions.

  • Explore Topics and subscribe to Topics that are of interest.
  • Top content that you like by clicking the up arrow found next to a post or comment.  By doing so you are not only giving that piece of content a boost in exposure by pushing it up the page, you are also showing appreciation for the work of your fellow community members who are notified of your action (learn more about Tops here).
  • Members love engagement, so do not hesitate to participate on a comment thread/section of a post you find interesting.
  • Start following members whose content you like by going to their profile.  You can access a member profile by clicking their name on a post or comment.  When you follow a member they will be notified and their posts will appear in your Feed.
  • As much as you enjoy receiving Coins and earning money, so do others.  The fastest and most impactful way to create a following, move up the Leaderboard and generate good-will is by boosting the content of others.  You can purchase Coins here

As with sharing unique content, engaging with other members of the community helps raise your profile as an authentic, community-driven member and will lead to greater interaction with, and interest in, your work.

These are just a few ideas to help you get the most out of the TopTopic experience.  Share any other ideas you have in the comment section!

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