How many hours would you expect Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg to work in a week? Eighty? A hundred? Infinity? Infinity hours?

Well, apparently Zuckerberg works "only" 50 to 60 hours a week, according to a Q&A he did on Facebook on Tuesday — but that depends on how you qualify "work."

zuckerberg hours workFacebook

Facebook is, like, his whole life, man. I know the feeling.

Those 60 hypothetical hours of office time are more than the usual day job, which, of course, clocks in on average at about 35 to 40 hours a week.

But it's about the same as a lot of people working menial (or multiple) jobs like driving Uber, where people can put in 80 hours or more every week just to make ends meet in the ridiculously expensive San Francisco Bay Area, where Facebook is based.

Other nuggets from that Q&A include a question from no less than Sir Richard Branson of Virgin on Facebook's campaign, which aims to connect the developing world to the network:

zuckerberg branson internet.orgFacebook

In fact, was a hot topic, with plenty of questions involving whether it was coming to regions such as Europe and Canada. The answer is that Facebook wants to focus on the developing world, where few people are online, before it starts to really focus on more saturated areas.

And another from Shakira on how Facebook can be used for education in the developing world:

zuckerberg shakiraFacebook

Meanwhile, Zuckerberg also answered a burning question: Does Facebook hurt our communications skills?

zuckerberg q&aFacebook

As Facebook takes on a greater and greater role in global communications, it's good to see Zuckerberg take a more active hand in talking to the community. It would just be nice to hear something other than the party line once in a while.

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john John Skorick (@john) Pinned comment
@saidamin Checkout the middle of the article where it refer to and connecting developing areas.

Some interesting thoughts and something we should consider with your goal of expanding TopTopic into developing areas.
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said Saïd Amin (@said) replied to John Skorick (@john) Pinned comment is a worthy and ambitious initiative & getting more people online is certainly a win-win...for Facebook and developing countries. I'm all for outcomes/initiatives where having your cake and eating it too benefits all involved parties.
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john John Skorick (@john) replied to Saïd Amin (@said) Pinned comment
Agreed and I thought he made a very interesting point regarding the entrepreneurial aspect and the great minds that may be missing from the fold currently.
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