Love is Blind starring Arsi Nami, Iranian-Swedish Actor & Music Therapist, screens May 21st at Cannes Film Festival, on his Birthday.

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Love is Blind short film, starring Iranian-Swedish Actor & Music Therapist Arsi Nami, an Official Selection at 2017 Cannes Film Festival International Entr'2 Marches  a Cannes,  sharing disability awareness.  

Love is Blind will screen May 21st on his birthday until May 26th.
If you’re in Cannes, click link to get tickets to the screening : 

Arsi Nami states on his official

 "What better way to celebrate my birthday on May 21st, by giving a gift of sharing disability awareness at 🌿 2017 Cannes International Film Festival Entr’2 Marches, where Love Is Blind is an Official Selection. Love is Blind will screen from May 21-May 26th in Cannes, France. Proud of entire production and cast. We are happy that a short film could make a long way to inspire at Cannes and India" 

If you’re in Cannes, click link to get tickets to the screening : 
Love is Blind also available to watch at Amazon Prime. Link:
Download soundtrack which Arsi Nami composed :

iopdx5fe.jpgAccording to Arsi Nami's website (,  Love is Blind  also joins WeCare Film Festival in India as Official Selections in two festivals which shares disability awareness.  


Love is Blind  (Original Film Soundtrack, composed by Arsi Nami)

Support Arsi Nami on the web: (@arsi_nami)


g7fqivbx.jpg(Still photo of Arsi Nami)

Arsi Nami is an actor and music therapist from Shiraz, Iran. He was raised in Sweden and living in Los Angeles. He has a strong resume of working with individuals with disabilities as well as special needs kids as a Music Therapist. He continues to share disability awareness via acting and film.


(Still photo of Arsi Nami)

weq1z5hc.jpg(Still photo of Arsi Nami)


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