Less than one in ten Brits happy with their homes

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More than half of Brits worry a lack of money will stop them from ever getting their perfect home, a study has found.


Less than one in ten homeowners currently consider their home to be perfect with 55% saying they have a long to-do list of improvements and changes they would like to get done.

And three quarters worry they are never going to get their homes to a point where they are completely happy with them because of a lack of time, money and know-how. 

The study of 2,000 homeowners found that the average home needs ten improvements and DIY jobs, with owners estimating these will cost £18,038 to complete.

Installing a new kitchen and bathroom, laying new carpets or flooring and building a conservatory or an extension are among the top improvements Brits want to do to their home before they will view it as complete.

Meanwhile, painting and wallpapering, buying new furniture and laying decking or a patio in the garden are also among the outstanding jobs for the average British house.

While 36% reckon just a few minor jobs are needed to make their home perfect, 23% admit it is mostly major work preventing them from having a perfect abode.

Painting rooms is the most common home improvement Brits want to do, followed by re-fitting the kitchen, laying new carpet and getting a new bathroom or toilet suite.

Other tasks on the perfect home wish-list include installing double glazing, fitting underfloor heating and adding an ensuite bathroom or toilet.

Interestingly, for some, their own partner is the problem, with 41% admitting they often argue with their other half about what they want to do to their home, whether to get a professional in or attempt it themselves, and which home improvement to prioritise.

Other rows erupt over affordability of home improvements, wallpaper designs and what furniture to buy.

The study also found that a brave 15% of Brits attempt all DIY work themselves, with the average homeowner spending 14 days each year working on some kind of home improvement project.

On top of that, over half spend an average of 10 hours a month looking at magazines and property sites in search of home inspiration. Sound familiar?

In a study of 2,000 homeowners, 28% say they would need to hire a professional in order to do the things they want to their home.

But 16% admit they always get a professional in, regardless of how big or small the job is.

More than a fifth call in a professional to put wallpaper up, while another 15% get decorators in instead of undertaking a paint-job themselves.

Top ten reasons why our house will never be perfect

1. We’ll never have enough money

2. It needs professional work

3. There will always be something we want to do on our home

4. It’s an ongoing project

5. We don’t have the time

6. The things that need doing are too big/much for us to do

7. We can’t do what we want in our current home so would need to move

8. We don’t plan to stay here forever so it seems pointless trying to get it perfect

9. We’ve always got something else which is a bigger priority

10. We don’t have the motivation to do it anymore


Top 20 jobs the average Brit wants to do on their home

1. Paint a room/s

2. Refit the kitchen

3. Re-carpet

4. Refit the bathroom/toilet

5. Buy new furniture

6. Landscape or change the garden

7. Wallpaper a room/s

8. Build an extension

9. Convert the loft

10. Build a conservatory

11. Lay decking or patio in the garden

12. Replace internal doors

13. Replace external doors and windows

14. Install energy efficient windows/double glazing

15. Extend the kitchen to make it bigger

16. Replace carpet with laminate flooring

17. Add underfloor heating

18. Install an ensuite

19. Build a walk-in wardrobe

20. Install a downstairs toilet/bathroom

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