Latest Clinton Email Leaks Point To War With Iran And Support From Wealthy Iranian-Americans

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Washington D.C.--A fresh leak of confidential documents from Secretary Clinton’s private email account reveals that if elected President of the United States, she will boldly move to reassure Israel of America's commitment to its security, by derailing the Iran Sanctions deal. The strategy, according to the leaked documents, is to further impede Western investments in Iran by causing fear within some companies that they could run afoul of U.S. law if they invest. The idea is to frustrate Iran to such a degree, that they publicly renege on the deal. Under such a scenario, and upon any intelligence, tangible or fabricated, of Iran reassembling uranium enriching centrifuges, the U.S. would give Israel the green light to strike Iran. While Iran’s reaction to an Israeli airstrike is unpredictable, the strategy is to aggressively cast Iran as an imminent national security threat and gain public support for a U.S. war that seeks regime change.

In conjunction with this strategy, Clinton has achieved a significant fundraising boost by privately sharing her plans with a handful of affluent and well-connected Iranian-Americans. As detailed in the leaks, in exchange for hefty donations and aggressive fundraising efforts, Clinton is promising political-favors, and more importantly, protection against the heavy public backlash that Iranian-Americans can expect here when a ground invasion begins. Convinced that Clinton is a shoe-in to win the Presidential election, and that she will follow-through on her plan to be at war with Iran, a number of the Iranian-Americans approached by Clinton are taking her up on the offer and aggressively fundraising on her behalf. One such fundraising event, headlining George Clooney, is taking place this evening at the San Francisco home of Venture Capitalist Shervin Pishevar.

The Clinton strategy has served as a fundraising boon for her campaign and explains the noticeable increase in affluent Iranian-Americans working tirelessly to fundraise for a foreign policy hawk who has gone as far as saying that she would “obliterate Iran”. Looking to expand on this fundraising strategy, sources have told us that two Clinton surrogates were identifying high net-worth Iranian-American prospects at the recent White House Iranian New Year (Nowruz) event hosted by Michelle Obama. At the time of publishing this story, calls to Clinton campaign Press Secretary Brian Fallon were not returned.