Kick the white supremacists out of the White House

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The violence and hatred we witnessed in Charlottesville, Virginia this past weekend was shocking. And the fact that it took Donald Trump three days to half-heartedly condemn it, before then saying that there were ”very fine people on both sides” of the protests, is outrageous and deeply disturbing.

The fact is there are individuals serving in our government, in Trump’s White House, who are actively working to turn the white supremacist vision of those who rallied in Charlottesville into official policy.

Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller and Seb Gorka all need to be fired, and their policies of barring immigrants and diverting attention from dangerous white supremacist groups need to be defeated.

It's no mistake that Trump is more inclined to make excuses for white supremacists than condemn them. This past weekend was not an anomaly, it is the latest iteration of an assault on America’s values that our community knows all too well. Iranian Americans were one of the first communities targeted by white supremacist policies via Trump’s Muslim ban that aims to reduce the number of immigrants from Muslim-majority countries.

Now, we stand united with our fellow Americans against the fatal white supremacist bigotry that was on display this past weekend. As an immigrant community, a community of color, we show solidarity with other communities targeted by racism and fight for the values that drew us and our families to this country.

We can’t afford to be silent in the face of bigots emboldened by Trump. 

Ensuring our Members of Congress are on our side is a key step to ensure our community is not threatened by the forces of extremism.

>> Tell your lawmakers to condemn and push back against white supremacy and hatred!


Jamal Abdi
Executive Director


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