Key to my dream

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Little birdie, I saw you from my window

Perching on the leafless tree

Showing off your red bosom

Soft as velvety red roses

Careless and happy,

Enjoying ever caressing wind

Don’t go away little birdie

Don’t go away, I have something to tell you

Will you stay there as I search the key?

Don’t be puzzled, little birdie

Just stay there, as I search the key

To my hidden secret, to my dream

It won’t take long, will you wait for me?

You are confused, not understanding

I turn around and you are gone

Little birdie, you don’t understand

You haven’t been tied to a window

With nowhere to go

And no key to be found to your dream

To let you out, chasing the wind

 You are gone, little birdie

Perching on another leafless tree


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