Just saying Hi

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Hello everybody!

My name is Cindy, an avid blogger and a traveller, whose big dream is to set my foot in every country of this world!

When not travelling or planning yet another journey, I write, recently for LearnToTrade.

Want to know more about me - feel free to ask!

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CaseHeartly CaseHeartly (@CaseHeartly) Pinned comment
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john John Skorick (@john) Pinned comment
Hi Cindy,

Welcome to the community! Please let me know if you come across anything you have a question about or if we may be of assistance in any way.

Looking forward to your posts!

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CindyParker CindyParker (@CindyParker) replied to John Skorick (@john) Pinned comment
Thank you for your kind words John!

Just learning the ropes for now but I'll be sure to ask if something is unclear!

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