Just how bad is wealth inequality?

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Click this link to see a dynamic graph for how bad it is.

​In recent decades, wealth inequality between the top 0.1% of Americans and the bottom 90% has increased dramatically, as money has accumulated in the hands of the rich far faster than it has for the rest of the country. 

This wasn't always the case — the share of wealth controlled by the bottom 90% increased throughout the 1960s and '70s and hit its lowest point in 1986, with the bottom 90% holding over a third of the country's wealth compared to less than a tenth for the 0.1%. 

But by 2012, the gap closed entirely, with the top 0.1% and the bottom 90% holding equal amounts of wealth (~22%). Thanks to this visualization, we can see just how messed up things are right now.

Source: Tableau


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