Iran’s Regime has now banned the Tehran based Zanaan-e-Emrooz (Today’s Women) Newspaper after it published a special on unmarried couples, considered adulterers in the eyes of the radical Islamist Regime, living together outside of wedlock.

Coined a “white marriage,” it is utterly illegal under Islamic—thus Iranian—law; unmarried couples opting to live together prior to or without regard for marriage, and without a doubt engaging in pre-marital sex, can be punished by flogging, harassment and jail-time. Why are “white marriages” on the rise?  Some say the economy, as the cost of living soars, while others site that 20 and 30 something Iranians are increasingly secular, liberal and in pursuit of the lifestyles they see on the Hollywood movies and TV shows smuggled into Iran.  Old Islamic and Middle Eastern practices are a phenomenon of the past… and that has enraged the dictatorial Regime, dedicated to maintaining a pure, Islamic society.

Just a few years ago, the Regime essentially put a gag-order on any discussion of homo-sexuality in Iran— likely thinking that if they eradicate discussion on LGBT life (homo-sexuality, like white marriage, is also illegal in Iran and punishable by death), they will be able to eradicate it from society.  Did anyone forget Ahmadinejad’s famous “In Iran, we don’t have homosexuals.” Since then, radio-silence from Iranian press.  No news on underground meet-ups, or LGBT support groups, or even of hangings of those who has been convicted of the ‘crime.’  A taboo not to ever be discussed, with the intention of wiping nature from human consciousness.

 And just like homosexuality, co-habitation prior to marriage is natural and normal.

But as the Iran Regime regresses—thinking it’s defeating human evolution from its standpoint of religious entitlement, it is actually just proving to the world that it is exactly what we think it is.  A messianic dictatorship bent on imposing 8th century Islamic Law, on a modern society—and undoubtedly pursuing Nuclear Weapons to safeguard it’s outdated goals.

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