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Ash Ash (@Ash) Pinned comment
With all due respect for these talented ladies, this is nothing but a smokescreen by the Mullahs to hide the gender apartheid in Iran. It's a poor smokescreen too, considering that Ninjutsu as a "martial art" has been proven to be a modern fraud with no historical lineage and basis in Japanese manuscripts. It's good only for showing off.
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AhmadKasravy AhmadKasravy (@AhmadKasravy) replied to Ash (@Ash) Pinned comment
Hear, hear.
The supreme function of Gender-Apartheid is spot on, indeed this is a shameless, miserable cover. And a poor one at that.
Also to be noted; this sort of a behavior, consisting of an internalized submission to patriarchy is nothing less than pathological, and as skillful as any fighter could be, in face of mass insurrection there's little they could do.


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