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Ash_ Ash (@Ash_) Pinned comment
This weak article is a perfect example of the left's old love affair with Islam and especially its political manifestations. The socialist writer is outright flirting with the Basij and glorifying them under the guise of objectivity. I could almost read "Allaho Akbar" and "Ya Hossein" between the lines.

The fallacies in this thinly veiled Islamic propaganda are numerous, such as the baseless claim that the IR is already democratic and therefore in no need for a transition to a democracy, or the view that the Basij are "patriots" fundamentally dedicated to "defend the Iranian people and work for the success of Iran". All a load of rubbish. What the Basij in actual fact is fundamentally dedicated to has always been defending Muslim people and working for the success of Islam, nothing more nothing less. The fact that few self-serving non-Muslims volunteer for the Basij does not invalidate this reality. Moreover, the IR is anything but democratic, with vetted candidates during elections and a theocratic socio-political system designed to monopolize power for Shiite Muslims, give privileges to regime collaborators, and make life miserable for everyone else.

Moving on to the issue of Iran's perceived immunity to foreign invasion, allow me to remind you that the latest successful foreign invasion of Iran happened roughly 77 years ago, and it took the invaders less than 30 days to fully occupy Iran and neutralize the Iranian armed forces. Sure, today's Iran is not the Iran of 1941, but let's not forget that today's superpower is also much more powerful than those in 1941. A bunch of religious fanatics are not going to save Iran from the full might of 21st century Western military. Do Muslims in Iran want to keep deluding themselves regarding this matter?

They keep talking about how USA "lost the war" in Vietnam and Iraq and how it is "losing the war" in Afghanistan. All nonsense that we ought not to hear from anybody except ignorant people and the politically motivated anti-war crowd in the US. Out here is a different reality, where the US wars ended in huge success at the expense of countless lives and brought immeasurable long term destruction in the aforementioned countries. If that is a "victory" for those nations, then what is defeat? It might not be in the West's interest to occupy the entire country, but still, do we want to see millions of Iranians dead/maimed, an entire nation in ruins, and foreign troops occupying key areas that yield geopolitical gains? That's quite a possible scenario, and one that's very likely to happen soon if Iranians remain idle and complacent.

Of course an Iranian civil war is impossible and undesirable. What should be done instead is a massive, coordinated, and prolonged nationwide civilian action that paralyzes the entire country and bring those criminals to knees. It should be a movement that transcends class, ethnicity, religion, sect, and politics, and unified by the single goal of bringing down the IR
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Cyrus___ Cyrus___ (@Cyrus___) replied to Ash (@Ash_) Pinned comment
There are very few voices of reason in the public debate like yours.
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Ash_ Ash (@Ash_) replied to Cyrus___ (@Cyrus___) Pinned comment
Thanks to the creators of this platform for providing us the opportunity to share info and engage in much needed debate with reasonable members. Glad to be here, and I look forward to more insightful comments from you.
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ayatoilet ayatoilet (@ayatoilet) Pinned comment
For the benefit of readers, and the writer ... let me tell you all.... that in the U.S. there are roughly 1.2 Million volunteer fire fighters. They control politics in small towns and vote en masse - i.e. vote as a block and for example in the small town (population 4000) I live in, the mayor (and councilors) get elected with something like 400 votes i.e. from the fire company. No one else bothers to vote. Now, yes, they are a diverse group - but quite frankly the truth is, in some small towns they don't allow african americans to join. And the fire company gets involved in many things that the Basij in Iran do. Many laeding politicians in the US are ex fire fighters, and many fie company members are ex military. They own guns and have secret rituals ... in some parts of the country - NOT ALL - they are enmeshed with the KKK. And if someone invades the US they will fight side by side with the military and reservists. They have a deep and widespread network and can multiply their membership by 10x on a whim. When they have picnics - their friends and relatives completely fill the facilities and parks. They are the American Basij. This should help folks get it.
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Cyrus___ Cyrus___ (@Cyrus___) Pinned comment
Is the Basij really the ultimate guard against a new Iranian civil war or revolution? I highly doubt it, but we could find out soon. Look, these sub 80 IQ thugs are only good for killing unarmed civilian protesters, which requires zero skill or courage.

If more Iranian sheep continue to make the wrong choice by aligning with the mullahs and their cronies as the article suggests, the chances that the US will start dropping bombs on civilian infrastructure will probably increase.

'“Oppressed” has obvious leftist connotations, and I’m sure Western readers will agree that there is absolutely no organisation with such a title and directive in their countries.'

The revolution brought in a pack of Islamo-Stalinists, so yeah, you could say it's leftist.

'Iran won’t be invaded though, because the invading country would lose terribly and overwhelmingly, and this 3-part sub-series on the structure, motivations and tangible realities of the Basij will prove why.'

Iran can be invaded, and if the Western forces invaded Iran, Iran would lose terribly.
Iran has been invaded how many times before? This idea of impregnability needs to go, because it encourages foolish decisions. Also, the fact that mullah rule has lasted 39 years has given the regime false confidence in their ability to survive. The regime has never had to endure a full-blown attack from Western forces.

"At the most fundamental level, the Basij is a mass organization which is dedicated to preserving the principles of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, to defend the Iranian People and to work for the success of Iran."

Are those principles worth preserving? Many Iranians don't think so, although many might not admit it to you.

You can complexify and mystify the true nature of the Basij as much as you want. It doesn't make them superhuman.

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