On August 31, in an unprecedented speech, Iran’s Minister of Intelligence, cleric Mahmoud Alavi, whose position is completely removed from economics, openly and fiercely glorified and defended the capitalist system. Minister Alavi’s statements demonstrate that the shame about supporting and embracing capitalist ideology, felt since the 1979 revolution, has been overcome.


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Kargar Kargar (@Kargar) Pinned comment
This so called Islamic Republic of Iran has been officially capitalist, and a very savage and barbaric, prehistoric type of it, since day one. Only clueless 'journalists' have had a hard time figuring it out.
From those unemployed workers, back in 1979, who were viciously attacked, beaten and sometimes even killed just because they were demanding jobs to this very day, where we have all types of workers arrested, flogged (no other country on Earth floggs protesting workers), tortured and incarcerated.
What Rafsanjani did was to sort of formalize and force mass poverty unto millions and millions of Iranian workers. See below for an account of this process:

Neoliberalism in IRI: a brief history From Rafsanjani (1989) to Rouhani (2014); a continuum
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