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To commemorate International Women's Day and the second International Women's Strike, we present a reading list of our favorite books of feminist theory and the history of activist struggle to inspire our ongoing fight against oppression and gender violence.

The International Women's Strike coalition sees their efforts as part of a new international feminist movement that organizes resistance not just against Trump and his misogynist policies, but also against the conditions that produced Trump, namely the decades long economic inequality, criminalization and policing, racial and sexual violence, and imperial wars abroad.  

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The Strike as Our Revolutionary Time

Cecilia Palmeiro on the Ni Una Menos Campaign in Argentina and how the idea of a women's strike spread into an international phenomena.


Organizing in the Basement: The International Women's Strike

To build a movement that addresses the deep, structural forms of oppression faced by women, it is essential to build a feminism that is anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, and on the side of all oppressed people.


When They Take Babies From Mothers and Mothers From Babies…

Nisha Kapoor considers the significance of the women's strike in the context of rising Islamophobia and the increased securitisation of muslim women lives, calling for an end to Prevent and the criminalisation of Muslim, refugee, migrant and black women.


Cis and Trans rights: two sides of the same coin

Despite the way trans and cis women seem to be pitted against each other in the media, Joni Alizah Cohen argues that the demands of both groups are two sides of the same feminist coin, urging cis and trans women to strike together on 8th March!


Free ebook

Where Freedom Starts: Sex Power Violence #MeToo

A Verso Report

Edited by Verso Books

An urgent, freely downloadable ebook in the wake of #MeToo

The powerful wave of rage fuelling #MeToo has finally refocused public attention on sexual harassment and sexual violence and starkly posed questions of power, of feminism, and of politics. How do we define violence? How do we discuss and experience sex? Who gets to tell stories of sexual assault, and who gets to be heard? How impoverished is our language for describing the intersection of power, desire, and violence? What is the relationship between individual struggles and collective protest? What do we do with the abusers? In short, this moment has recalled a much older question: how do we get free?


Reading List

International Women's Day/Strike reading list

To commemorate International Women's Day and the second International Women's Strike, we present a reading list of our favorite books of feminist theory and activism to inspire our ongoing fight for collective liberation.



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