Incorporating Timber into Your Bathroom

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Do you dream of more timber in your bathroom? Incorporating natural elements into your bathroom can do wonders by softening the overall look and feel.  So, how can you incorporate timber into your bathroom? It’s important not to overdo it, try to add feature elements. Here are some ways you can incorporate timber into your bathroom.

Timber flooring

The most common way of adding timber into your bathroom is through the flooring. Timber flooring can be a warm welcome over cold tiles in a bathroom. Timber suppliers will have a large variety of hardwood types you can choose from. You will have a selection of many colours like dark brown, blonde and vibrant reds. Rich natural colours will make that morning trip to the bathroom so much easier, setting a calm and relaxing tone.

Not only does a timber floor look great, but it brings other benefits as well. It’s easier to clean and more hygienic than tiles. Furthermore, a timber floor allows you to set a natural tone in the room, tying in a number of other natural elements with ease. If you can’t add real timber flooring because of the cost, cheaper alternatives that give the timber look are of great quality and save you lots of money.

Wooden countertops

Often, a countertop is a focal point of many bathrooms. Countertops will set the tone for the rest of the bathroom. Having this in mind, it’s important to get the countertop right.

Did you know you can get countertops in timber? Timber countertops and vanities are becoming more and more popular. Not only do they look great, they are much more versatile than you may think. Timber can blend into many different styles and designs. It's best to combine a timber countertops with smooth ceramic basins and great fixtures. After some great fittings? Bravat creates high-end tapware and fittings that go great with timber countertops. The contrast can be striking and be a great point of difference in the design of your bathroom.

Furthermore, most houses will have stone countertops which means you will be unique, even a trendsetter. You may also be able to save some money and recycle a beautiful old piece of timber. Long reclaimed timber can be turned into something truly special.

Timber bathtubs

Bathtubs are a symbol of relaxation, comfort, but most importantly, luxury. While the classic white porcelain bathtub will remain a staple of many households, timber bathtubs can create a special bathroom.

Timber bathtubs will be a little harder to find and may come at some extra cost, but they look so good! They will connect your space with nature and the great outdoors.

These bathtubs are not a recent innovation. They date back many centuries, first created by the Japanese. The Japanese used, cedar, hinoki and other hardwoods to build traditional deep soaking tubs. Talk about relaxation!

The concept of the timber bathtub was also common of ships. This was because of its natural water resistance. In modern Australian bathrooms, a timber tub is often a hero piece that catches the eye. Matched with reds, browns and other natural colours, your bathroom will exude a warm inviting feeling, even on the coldest mornings.

Remember, wooden tubs are much deeper larger and deeper than other tubs. Make sure you have enough room to fit it in your bathroom without compromising space. If you can fit it in your bathroom, you’re in luck. The larger timber tubs make a great soaking experience! Best to position it next to a window, for that extra level of relaxation.

Final thoughts

Don't go overboard with timber! It's there to compliment other colours and textures. Also, always make sure the timber you use is properly treated and ready for wet areas. Good luck! 


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