My latest article about the future of Saudi Arabia and its importance for the west


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ayatoilet ayatoilet (@ayatoilet) Pinned comment
I enjoyed reading this, and I have to say I miss reading Mr. Khodabandeh's articles on (since the site shut down). His points are fundamentally correct. I keep asking myself, where will ISIS go once they are kicked out of Syria and Iraq? Will every single one of them get killed? They only really have two places to go: Turkey or Saudi Arabia. I don't see Turkey as a long-term safe haven for them, because Kurds there will eat them up alive for the atrocities they committed in Syria and Iraq. But Saudi Arabia... yes, they can hide there. But if they go there, the House of Saud will be threatened. My point is, the dog WILL bite its owners hands, and Saudi Arabia will have one more front to fight on... besides the Shia's in the East, Yeminites in the South... there will be ISIS inside Saudi Arabia. And ISIS could very well do the very exact same thing they did in Iraq ... that is raid bases and grab weapons. ISIS could in effect inherit all these expensive arms being sold to Saudi Arabia. Its a very, very dangerous proposition. Quite honestly, the situation for the House of Saud is NOT sustainable. Its very dangerous - not just for Saudi Arabia, but the whole region. I don't think US and its European allies have thought through the consequences of all this. ...mischief they have unleashed in the region. Its very, very bad... very, very bad! It will make the Iraq war and the Syrian 'Conflict' pale in comparison... And the consequences would be massive. Oil price hike, huge inflationary pressure globally ... I mean just think about it? Absolutely horrific.
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PersianReporter PersianReporter (@PersianReporter) replied to ayatoilet (@ayatoilet) Pinned comment
The doomsday scenario you're painting is a streeeeeetch. Saudi Arabia is nowhere near the disarray and lawlessness found in the countrysides of Syria and Iraq where these thugs roamed freely. It's this lawlessness that gave rise to the abomination (and American creation) now known to the world as ISIL/ISIS. The biggest threat to the House of Saud is much more boring but fully lethal. $$$$$ or lack thereof. The House of Saud is goin' broke and Saudis are getting restless. @kargar posted this: Strike at privately-run Saudi hospital after salary delays
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iraj iraj (@iraj) Pinned comment
How could the Al Saud tribe be reformed? It's already too late for them because they are too used to their privileges. The house of Al Saud tribe will fall its own way.
The question is 'how far Western powers wiil accompany them before they fall.
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Dakho Dakho (@Dakho) Pinned comment
From 9/11 terrorist attacks (with tons of evidence pointing to Saudi's direct involvement) to pushing for fall of Gaddafi in Libya to exporting Salafi terrorists to Syria,... Saudis have consistently presented Western powers and especially the US with a fait accompli.
Since most of the political class in the West and Saudis have their monies in the same banks there's been a reluctance to forcefully counter them.
Perhaps that lax attitude might be changing now, but even if it does drastically change, it's too little too late.
Syria has become an unsolvable international quagmire, which could very well also become ground zero for WWIII. All thanks to Saudi scums' aggressiveness and inaction and indecision by the US.

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.
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