Great excerpt from the article:

"Britain, like everywhere else, has always had its cringing, fearful side, its cruel delusions, its racist fringe movements, its demagogues preying on the dispossessed. Those things are part of us as much as beef wellington and bad dentistry. But in happier times, those things do not overwhelm us. We do not let bad actors reading bad lines in bad faith walk us across the stage to the scaffold. We are better than this."
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lyncmob James Philip Morrow (@lyncmob) Pinned comment
I found the excerpt to be particularly appropriate to the American political struggle at present.
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MashGhasem MashGhasem (@MashGhasem) replied to James Philip Morrow (@lyncmob) Pinned comment
Dear James the excerpt you posted above would also be an objective description of what took place in Iran of 1979.
Back then in Iran we went from bad to worse; THE ultimate worse: the Totalitarian Theocratic worse.
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