How to look fabulous on your Wedding Day: Brides special!

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Planning your wedding ahead? It would be definitely stressful with the neverending to-do list and the overwhelming shopping spree. In midst of all this stress you may neglect/forget how important your wedding photographs are. But wedding photographs are the only proof how great you looked on your big day, how many emotions you have gone through and sail you through a beautiful nostalgia.

bzdrnryc.jpgSo, here is a present from us, which is a very important list of tasks you MUST do to look great in your wedding photographs and at the event too!

Your wedding will be stunning in person and in the photo album. The most important thing you can do to have a photogenic wedding is to relax on the big day so that your pictures look fun and carefree.

 Hire the best photographer (within your budget of course!):

 The major duty of making you and your fiancé look fabulous in your wedding pictures depends on the photographer. There are highly efficient photographers available who can click fantastic wedding photographs and great candid snaps. Talk to photographers in person and pick one whom you find trustworthy. Going through their portfolio to see how professional they are would be a brilliant idea. Most of the good photographers have their own website showcasing their previous works, so by simply searching for the best wedding photographers can you get you best photographer.


Starting to look out for the photographer 6-8 months prior to the wedding would be a good idea as the best photographers get booked up fast.

Arrange a well-lit place: 

Lighting is crucial for the best outcome of your wedding photographs. Have your venue set up in very soft lighting instead of bright, garish lights. You can even utilize the natural light and the sun for outdoor shoots. Discuss with your photographer regarding the lighting setup, who can advise you the best.  


Your venue must be photogenic too to capture best wedding photographs by the photographer.  

Have a hair and makeup trial for the bride:

It would be a good idea to have a hair and makeup trial before the big day so that you would look like and make any modifications if required. You can design your accessories according to your desired attire from this trail. The salon which you have picked for your wedding makeup and hair styling may charge you extra for this service, it is totally worth it to have you look the best in your wedding and your pictures too. Always remember that less is more!  


Practice your smile:

Do not hesitate for this. However timid and shy you are, you have to stand in front of the mirror and practice smiling in advance which can help you have the most natural and attractive smile all through your wedding. You can fix it prior whether you want to show teeth or not and the best position for your face and a certain angles that will make you look even better. 


 Make sure you are smiling naturally out of enjoyment of your wedding. Your smile will be your best accessory, so always keep smiling when you greet someone. Just show out how happy you are on this day and let it reflect on your face. Whether it is a close-mouth smile, then an open mouth or any other just smile it out from your heart. 

Stand up straight and pose!

Standing in the correct posture is always flattering to your body and makes you look fit. This gives you lots of confidence and makes you ready to slay your audience and also your wedding photographs. Your photographer might even suggest some better postures and poses which might suit you out of his experience. You can be free to try them out and make the most out of your wedding!


Pose in a couple different ways:

Don't limit yourself to a single pose. You can even figure out different styles of posing beforehand so that you don’t end thinking or posing uncomfortably. Start with a straight-on and then switch naturally from one pose to another subtly yet beautifully. Don’t try anything artificially that might feel unlike you.


Here are a few tips to follow while posing:

Relax for candid photos:

 Relax yourself completely to get the best snaps shot as candid. Laugh your heart out and let your best self will be captured. Sometimes you better take the photographer out of your mind to display your natural self out. Don’t force yourself in posing. When you are posing for your photos, try to keep as natural as you can. You don’t need to pretend overly eager or happy, but just work on showing your real self.


Discuss posed photos with the photographer in advance. Having your poses discussed prior to the wedding is a safe idea for you and your wedding photographer too. You can finish off the photo session very quickly this way and head back to enjoy your big day and only candid moments would be photographer’s duty then.

Interact with your spouse:

Keep communicating with your spouse and look into their eyes. That sparkle in your faces adds beauty to your wedding album. 

Just follow these tips and you will have an awesome wedding album you can treasure for lifetime. Srihari Wedding Photographers in Chennai are great in bringing all these pictures together and designing a candid photo album for you. Just trust them and go by your heart!

Have a happy wedding!