How do I Create a Topic?

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To create a Topic, click the Browse option at the top of the site navigation then select the “Create your own Topic” option from the dropdown list.

The Topic creation page allows you to customize your Topic with images, descriptions and guidelines, as well as choose a number of settings.  These settings include the type of Topic you’d like to offer – public, private and restricted – as well as post and content types you’ll accept.

When creating your own Topic, please be mindful of the guidelines you would like others to follow and be clear when creating them.  You can always edit your Topic at a later date but the clearer you are, the less confusion other members will have, which will result in less time needed to moderate the content of others. 

Before creating a new Topic, please be sure to read our Posting Guidelines to ensure the subject matter does not violate our community standards.

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Support TopTopic Support (@Support) Pinned comment
Hi @aurora

Topics are created instantly, there is no approval process. Can you please let us know the Topic which you had trouble with so we can take a look?

Thank you!

-Team TopTopic
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aurora Aurora Afable (@aurora) Pinned comment
How long does it take for you guys to approve a topic? I realize that I could not post anything on the topic after creating it.
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