How dental implants can done within a day?

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Traditional dentures are definitely an improvement over missing teeth. But patients using dentures experience a number of inconveniences like discomfort, slippage from the gum line and messy adhesives. Dental implants serve as the best alternative to traditional dentures. They act as the excellent replacement for missing teeth. The cost of same day dental implants in India are not significantly more than the traditional dentures, and at the same time they are secure, permanent, functional and looks just like your natural teeth.

Immediate dental implant - Can it really be done?

Traditional dental implants can usually take 6 to 18 months to complete. But living without your teeth for such a long time becomes vexatious. It becomes important for everyone to get their smile restored as quickly as possible. So have you heard about getting dental implants in one day? Wondering whether it is really possible? Yes, it is. Now you can get your smile back in as little as one day. Yes, you heard it right, In ONE DAY. Getting dental implants in one day is a revolutionary treatment for people with broken or missing teeth.

What is a same day dental implant?

For some patients, it is possible to insert the implant at the same time when the tooth is extracted. The dentists examine the patient's anatomy and his oral hygiene. If he feels that the patient is fit for same day implants, then the tooth is elevated out of the socket and cleaned of debris. Then the implant is placed in the same hole.

Same day implants are easier than the traditional implants and the patient gets quick relief. Dentists do these implants just with local anesthesia and mild medication like Ibuprofen and unlike traditional dental implants the patient does not have immense pain and other irritations. Same day dental implants make it possible for you to have aesthetically-pleasing fixed teeth in just one day.

Who is a suited for immediate tooth replacement with implants?

Same day dental implant is not appropriate for all patients. It requires an extremely thorough screening process. The ideal candidate for an immediate dental implant is considered as the one with a good oral and general health. Patients with a good oral hygiene, enough bone quality and quality are considered the great candidates for same day dental implants. Patients who smoke or have a weak immune system or undertake drugs like bisphosphonates are not the ideal candidates for immediate implants.

Benefits of same day dental implants

  • Reduced treatment time
  • In contrary to traditional implant, same day implants can replace the tooth immediately.
  • Only one surgical procedure required
  • Same day implants allow you to leave the dental chair after just one treatment visit with teeth that can give you the look and feel of your natural teeth.
  • Better aesthetic results achieved quicker
  • In a same day implant, you can restore your smile within a few hours and regain the proper shape of the face without any bone loss.
  • No need for temporary dentures
  • As the implant is done on the same day, there is no need to wear a temporary denture or have a "missing teeth" look which can avoid embarrassment during any party or social gathering or in your office.


  • Increased chance of failure
  • The major risk associated with an immediate implant is the failure of the implants. This is a precise technique and even the smallest movement during the procedure can lead to failure.
  • Suitable only for specific patients
  • This procedure is not appropriate for all patients and cases.
  • Implant surgeon should be skilled and experienced

The dentists performing same day implants should be highly experienced and trained to accurately place the implant without any micro-movements.Now coming to answer the original question, yes dental implants can be performed in a single day. If you would like to have same day dental implants , contact an implant specialist in your area.