Hashtag and Topic naming rules

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Do you guys have any rules to this? I noticed that I've been using a dash sign to separate words while others do not. I find it hard to read it, that's why I've been using it. Although now I'm kind of confused if I should keep doing this or not. Do you guys have guidelines for this?

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Support TopTopic Support (@Support) Pinned comment
We do have rules for using the search utility to find different tags or Topics but not for naming them.

Here is a link to the search FAQ: toptopic.com/posts/can-i-search-for-certain-keywords-824

Using one of your Topics as an example, if someone searches for +social media or +social, your Topic +Social-Media will display in the results. The dash doesn't affect the search so the preference is yours.

Hope that helps!
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sydneyexpert sydneyexpert (@sydneyexpert) Pinned comment
Hi I want to change my top's subject area from Lifestyle to Travel can I do this?
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john John Skorick (@john) replied to sydneyexpert (@sydneyexpert) Pinned comment
Hello @sydneyexpert this is one of the settings which we do not currently have an edit option for once the Topic is created. However, our @Support can change the category for you.

We do not currently have a Travel category but will discuss adding one. Here are the current options:
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sydneyexpert sydneyexpert (@sydneyexpert) replied to John Skorick (@john) Pinned comment
Thanks so much. I think a travel one would be a great addition. I have put my travel topic in Lifestyle for now.
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