I love this initiative/idea! "Naturally, someone in San Francisco had an idea to use technology to help alleviate one of the symptoms of homelessness: falling out of touch with one's family.

That's the mission of Miracle Messages, an organization started by Kevin Adler in 2014. Volunteers record video messages from homeless people to their loved ones, who they have often not seen for many years. The organization then uses social media to publicize the videos in hope of contacting that person's family."


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ChamoshChamoshvnd ChamoshChamoshvnd (@ChamoshChamoshvnd) Pinned comment
Hopeful and subtle article about an issue that ALWAYS seems to be getting bigger and worse. It's noteworthy that the report makes a distinction between 'homelessness' and 'houseless.'
Back in my NY days (a while ago) in matter of ten years somehow I ended up meeting two Iranians I knew (an Armenian/Iranian lady that was a friend of family, second one was the older brother of a friend) homeless on the streets of New York; the middle aged lady had descended into severe depression and the guy had turned into an alcoholic.
To make a long story short both of them were reconnected with their families back home in Iran (through what we used to jokingly refer to back then as my "Sarkar Ostovar Politiks!") and both went back to Iran.
What I didn't expect was how both of them came back and returned to US after a short while of staying in Iran.
As cited in the article "Homelessness is a state of mind." Indeed.
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