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Jahangir Khoshrou

Did you know that some 3 billion people were eligible for voting in the US presidency but were left out!

If US of A contained itself within it's borders and did not interfere in the affairs of other nations, be it Europeans, Asians, Arabs, Iranians, Africans or the inhabitants of the planet Zog, then I wouldn't be writing this short essay, but facts on the ground are different.

A look at the published statistics by Wikipedia, shows that United States foreign policy has been the cause of some 5 million deaths on the planet from Vietnam to tim buk tu, through direct or indirect armed conflicts, these statistics do not cover the casualties caused by the fall out of the conflicts such as deaths resulted from malnutrition, lack of medicine and food due to sanctions placed by the US on the countries. One recent example being Iraq during the rule of Saddam Hussain, where 1 million people including children died of malnutrition and hunger as a result of the sanctions.

United States as the "LEADER of the "FREE WORLD", has shaped the governing systems of other nations in it's own image, under the banner of democracy, using coup d'etats, subversion and espionage followed by military force. it would be true to say that, most nations have been violated and raped by the US of A, in one form or another. This violation of principles gives the people of the planet Earth the right to have a say in who would be the president in the white house, and that in practice would be the entire voting age population of the planet. After all such interference and meddling gives people the right to "VET" their "RAPIST", so "WHERE IS MY VOTE"!?...........


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