God of Life and Intelligence (GoLI) playing favorites since big-bang

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 Playing favorites appears to be the modus operandi of our universe (universal laws or god). To understand that better and establish a trend, it is worth a look at the mother of all favors, the big-bang. Big-bang generated large sums of energy and matter, seemingly in a global uniform explosion and expansion, but it actually impregnated the entire new-born universe with local seeds of order ... seeds that were then favored to grow in complexity.

Only 1% of big-bang’s output has turned into cosmic dust, stars and galaxies. It seems that 99% has turned into “dark” energy and dark matter, about which we don’t know anything. Even a smaller fraction of that dust turned into little planets and even a smaller percentage into habitable planets. In one of those planets (Earth) after 4 billion years of evolution, we have a tiny diamond in the rough and a smart monkey who is trying to understand the universe!

Strictly speaking, laws of physics need not apply to a “singularity” like the big-bang. However, ever since that moment of “creation”, no laws of physics (Quantum and Relativity) seem to have been broken. Global entropy and disorder is still increasing, and no god’s active action is necessarily required to allow for our magical existence. All that appears to be in play is a “non-random” universe that has clearly been biased towards generating localized order, rather than just an endless expanse of light and particles with no significant order at all.

Those are basic scientific observations, but not an explanation of how and why. The big-bang itself cannot be understood by our physical laws, let alone its “purpose” and final result. Under a different set of universal laws, neither the galaxies nor life on Earth would have emerged after the big-bang.

Here on Earth, universe has “created” a miraculous environmental machine that is capable of trapping the sun’s free-energy, establishing a water-cycle, and generating the organic soup for the first life forms. GoLI is not breaking any laws, only bending them locally in at least 2 critical ways: 1- generating seeds of order, and 2- growing more order from those seeds. Both of those tendencies are absolutely required for evolution and the appearance of the smart monkey!

Firstly, our universe has allowed for order to emerge at minority locations, at the cost of disorder in majority expanses. For example, the domain created immediately after the big-bang was not uniform in mass and energy; it was filled with numerous seeds of order (higher gravity spots) spread everywhere. Those gravitational biases then acted as growth sites for more mass to accumulate locally. Therefore, as hydrogen atoms emerged from the cooling big-bang soup of photons and quarks, they did not just wander around, but preferentially gathered at those localized higher gravity zones.

Secondly and as importantly, order has continuously begot order and been favored to evolve gradually to higher levels, again at the cost of more external disorder. This gradual growth from seeds of order to trees of higher-level orders has been facilitated by the property that, a gathering of existing quantities of order (e.g. hydrogen atoms) has been able to slowly interact and mutate into new emergent higher-quality orders (i.e. stars and galaxies). Similarly on Earth, single-cell microorganisms that lived in close proximity, slowly evolved to yield multicellular plants and animals.

The flip side of all that order-generation and life-creation within any location is the need for external trend towards more disorder, i.e. life comes at the price of death. Our god of life and intelligence on Earth is playing the opposite role that is required to balance the universal laws of physics, i.e. the god of death and disorder, on a global scale.

Our own human lives and orders on Earth also have meant death and destruction for the others (plants and animals). In fact, the higher-order beings require a more effective way of disposing of disorder, from their within to the surroundings. Our brain (only 2% of our mass) consumes 20% of our energy; hence our head is shaped and equipped with very efficient cooling system, in order to release the heat (disorder) which is the by-product of all that thinking (order).

Our universe is continuously expanding, cooling down and perhaps “dying” very slowly. Our own sun will run out of fuel much sooner (in 10 billion years). A mountain on Earth is reduced to rubble in millions of years. A redwood tree can live for thousands of years. In comparison, humans cannot live much past a hundred years. Higher-order creatures live more complex lives but are more prone to death too, as the amount of disorder and waste that they create internally, cannot be easily handled and often cause irreparable internal damage.

Hence, the general universal trend since the big-bang has been based on Birth, Growth and Death. The BGD cycle has been both applicable to the individuals of each order as well as each genre. For example, babies are born, grow and die; as well as species, villages, cities, countries and civilizations.

Khayyam the ancient Persian mathematician, astronomer and philosopher was obsessed with life and death. He could not fathom how god would lovingly create such sophisticated beings (like humans) in the thousands, and then so callously break them one after the other. Perhaps, instead of focusing on the positive aspects of life, he was drinking too much black-market wine and paying too much attention to the trivial fact that, everything dies!

Picture: Khayyam’s potter is obsessed with creating and destroying.

Reference: The origin of the universe, by Stephen Hawking. http://www.hawking.org.uk/the-origin-of-the-universe.html