Food: The Thailand Experience

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We all know a great Thai restaurant in town, where the service is great, the atmosphere is buzzing and the food is incredible. But would you believe it if I said the food can get even better. How you ask? By travelling the country! So many people travel to Thailand year after year to explore and see the sights but now cooking classes have also become a popular activity. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, watch a professional and the experience of learning how to cook tasty authentic dishes! The flavours incredible, the herbs are more fragrant, the spices are hotter and the overall experience of being in there makes eating all the more enjoyable and food all the more sumptuous.

If you’re interested then there are plenty of companies that offer this experience. Indulge! 


Thai cooking class (Source: Connie Ma)

vlc8a6kr.jpgIngredients (Source: Connie Ma)