Few more minor things - title suggest, twitter URL behavior, etc.

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1. It'd be great to have the auto-suggest for a title (pulled from the article) for all topic settings - right now it only auto-suggests a title for topics that don't allow title editing.  It'd be an improvement to have it auto-suggest but remain editable when settings allow.

2. Had an odd occasion a moment ago when submitting a link about Draymond Green topping 1000pts in +/-.... I manually entered text for both a title and "Your Thoughts", and the URL was to a tweet.  I guess Twitter URLs have some custom behavior - it overrode text I had entered for both sections and replaced the title I entered with the content of the tweet I'd linked to.  We could probably use either an intermediate step where we choose whether or not to override, or (IMHO better) just don't override with tweet text if user has entered manual values.  You could append/prepend the tweet text to the excerpt in a "From Twitter: " style as well, or something like that.  I'm also curious - what other URLs have custom logic?

3. Earlier today, I attempted to submit a post after changing topic a time or two, and somehow got the front-end out of sync with the topic logic about editability of titles.  It was no longer correctly throwing front-end errors, but would validate (and return error) after submission only.  I'll try to replicate it and post the replication process in comments if I can get it to recur.

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john John Skorick (@john) Pinned comment
Hey James,

Thanks for the suggestions and the Q/A work! ;)

1. No doubt, the easier we can make the submission process, the better and every click saved improves the process. We didn't auto-suggest for Topics that allow custom titles as a signal to the member that they could enter their own title. If we always auto-suggest, the concern is that it may become confusing and members try editing titles on Topics they can't and think they can't edit titles when they can.

We'll see if we can come up with a way to save the click and make it clear whether or not the title can be edited. I suppose we could grey out the box if it can't be edited. Open to suggestions you have for this as well.

2. Another member had made us aware of a slightly different issue with Twitter (special characters were causing problems) but you raise an consideration. My initial thought is the same as yours; if someone takes the time to enter custom values, don't override (assuming the Topic allows custom titles).

We are working on an improved version of the Link Submission tool and will add this as part of the feature set. We'll also be sure to test other platforms/social media sites to ensure we don't run into the issue elsewhere. Nice one.

3. Gotta love things like this, right? I'll see if I can replicate as well.

Thanks again, James. Very thoughtful feedback as always!

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