My latest thoughts: The question for America’s anti-Iran pundits currently is how to engineer distance between Europe and Iran. One way would be if it could be demonstrated that Iranian terrorism has reached Europe itself, a theme that Pompeo himself addresses at virtually every Iran-related opportunity.
While rational observers recognise that any such activity would be political suicide for Iran, we are clearly not living in rational times. There are signs that the groundwork for a covert false-flag operation have been in place for some time that would blame Iran for an atrocity conducted outside its borders.


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Cyrus___ Cyrus___ (@Cyrus___) Pinned comment
In order to turn public opinion against Iran and lessen opposition to a possible war, it would make sense for Western security services to engineer a false flag attack if Iran didn't make any suitable false moves of its own volition. I say "Western" not "US", because I am not convinced that the Europeans are truly opposed to the US on this matter - I suspect it may be more a case of public image. That is, the Europeans don't want to be SEEN as the bad guys, when in fact they are on board with America's anti-Iran agenda. Regarding the MEK, remember it was the UK who delisted them as terrorists first, not the US, so something is going on there.
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