Ending Online Abuse & Harassment

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Online communities and publishing platforms have become havens for hate and abuse. At TopTopic, we are doing things differently. In a concerted effort with community members, we are building the most thoughtful, uplifting and rewarding community on the net.

We employ strict posting guidelines and commenting policies in order to ensure the community remains a positive experience, while working with our members to enforce this initiative.

We also feel it important to discuss important and, at times, controversial aspects of the human experience.  In this spirit, members have also helped to curate several thought-provoking Topics, such as +Intersectionality and +HumanRights.



We proactively monitor all posts and comments to ensure they meet with our community standards. In the same spirit, members can easily report Topics, posts and comments which they feel are abusive in nature.



Action, Not Words

Unlike Reddit, Twitter and others, we take action on incidents of abuse. We remove the content and ban the offending member from the community.

In addition to requiring a valid email address, we employ multiple systems to help prevent banned members from creating new accounts and returning to the community.


Member Blocking

Blocking tools to prevent others from viewing your content and profile, while also blocking theirs from your view.



When In Doubt, Contact Us!

We are active members of the community. You’ll find individuals such as @john throughout, or you can find us in the +Support Topic, @support handle and via email.

If you need anything at all, we want to hear from you!  And if you aren't a community member yet, please click here to register now.