"Jimmy Dore, host of 'Aggressive Progressives' on 'The Young Turks' network, says he is disappointed to see the Democratic Party using Russia as a scapegoat for the information revealed by WikiLeaks."


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lizzy lizzy (@lizzy) Pinned comment
You made my day Miesha!

Jim Dore: "We're in a tough pickle, nobody wants to see Donald Trump as President, right, nobody wants to see that. But really, Hillary Clinton is destructive for the country and you can't vote for her and then not say that you were part of it. You are complicit in the next war. You are complicit in those kids who are going to get killed in Syria, or Yemen. [...] Right now he's (Obama) pushing the TPP, right now he's jailing journalists using the espionage act [...] he's deporting more people than all the president's combined since the 1800s, that's according to Fusion. It's fear, fear, fear. 24/7 be afraid, be afraid of Donald Trump...and what do you get? What do you get when you're afraid of Donald Trump? You get your unions wrecked, you get your jobs outsourced, Goldman Sachs takes your house away, you get more, that's what you get when you vote out of fear. And I rather vote for somebody who represents my position and lose, then vote for somebody who doesn't represent me, who's actually working against me, and wins."
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ashianeh ashianeh (@ashianeh) Pinned comment
He is absolutely right. The weapon industries and militaries need more battleground than the current ones.
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