Debunking 7 Blogging Myths

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Blogging is a daily activity for some people. They do it out of passion and the joy of sharing their thoughts and day-to-day activities. However, a lot of people are now blogging to earn income as well. It’s an easier way to generate cash than going to the office or working for a boss. Blogs can earn from guests posts, paid posts, ads and mentions. This is why more and more people are trying out blogs.

For beginners, it’s important to know the most popular blogging myths before you set out and create your own blog. For starters, know that it would be better for you to have your own domain rather than host it on a free site. The reason for this is that you will be subject to their rules and other requirements. Also, if the free blog site decides to shut down, your months or years of hard work will all go to waste, so better invest in your own domain and hosting.

Next, create a schedule. Readers don’t expect daily posts, so it’s not like you have to sit in front of your laptop all day and come up with 5,000-word essays. If you promised them posts twice a week, make sure you deliver on that. Additionally, posts don’t have to be kilometric. A hundred words or so would be enough especially if you have accompanying photos and videos. On the other hand, there will be some posts that might require lengthy discourse, and you can always chop that up into several parts.

Below is a very informative infographic to walk you through 7 blogging myths, which have been debunked. Read on and know more about the very basics of blogging.

7 Blogging Myths DEBUNKED


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