Clever Marketing By American Express

16 +

So here I am I'm killing time before my flight at the AMEX Centurion Studio (a business lounge for cardholders), when I unexpectedly experienced some savvy marketing. Check out the password to logon the WIFi network. The password, which can be read as a question, immediately triggered thought of how long I have been an AMEX member; in my case, that's around 16 years! Anyway, the point isn't my long tenure as an AMEX member; so much as their clever and simple way of reminding me of my relationship with the company.

Their fees may be higher than Visa and MasterCard, but the customer service and perks make it well worth the price. I seriously love being an AMEX member. Ha, listen to me singing their praise like a fanboy...all because of a simple password. Brilliant.