Changes to Topic Creation and Discovery

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Dear TopTopic Members,

We are pleased to announce updates to Topic creation and discovery at TopTopic.  We believe these updates will positively impact member experience and revenue potential for all.


New Topic Review:

We have moved to a review process for all new Topic submissions.  This is intended to open a dialogue with the creator to ensure we are working together to make their Topic as impactful, and original, as possible. 

Topic Consolidation:

Over the past few weeks we have been working with the creators of existing Topics to focus on their unique Topics, while merging others with earlier, more established Topics in their category. 

This has been a tremendously positive experience and we thank those members who took the time to work with us through this process.

Topic Discovery: 

In the coming weeks, we will be adding new sorting options to the Explore Topics section.  This will help both new and current members discover the Topics and content they are most interested in.


We believe these changes will help keep member content in front of the largest audience possible, increasing engagement and revenue opportunity.  This also helps new members discover content most fitting their interests and interact with the community.

As always, we welcome any questions or feedback you may have and thank you for being part of the community!


Team TopTopic

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