Catch up, meet and start dating with the new Tagged app

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I was just wondering that are you the one who is more into mixing up with people of varied taste and ethnic background? Does catching up with persons of other vicinity attract you more than anything else? If the answer to the above-mentioned questions is yes, then I'm damn sure about the fact that the Tagged app is the best and the appropriate application for you. A San Francisco-based social discovery website, Tagged was founded in the year 2004. Owned by Ifwe, Inc, the website is available in multiple languages ranging from English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Malay, and Dutch. This social discovery website claims to have about 300 million users


 How does Tagged app help you?


  • If you are a registered member of Tagged, it lets you browse other's profile.


  • It lets you share tags and virtual gifts.


  • You can easily make new friends and get hold of your old buddies.


  • You can filter your browsing experience by checking through location and age.


  • The website contains an exciting and a popular game termed as “Pets” where you can compete to call each other.


  • This application serves multiple purposes like it can be a mere friendship app, or you can come just for fun. If you wanna date someone, Tagged gives you that space too.


  • Tagged has it all, from transgenders, bisexual, homosexual to straight, this application helps you to choose from a huge section of people.



 Join Tagged now. Its free!


Yes, to join Tagged, you don't need to shell out any bucks. You can join it for free. What you have to do is just to fill out the registration application that contains some of the easiest questions of the world. Just follow these simple steps and get started:


  • Enter your first name and last name.
  • Your next step is to enter your email
  • Next, enter your password and city's name.
  • Choose your gender and of course your birthday.
  • After entering the details sign up for the service.


With the new and improved update, Tagged helps to browse faster and meet new people even faster. You can chat and flirt easier with this new update. Although the tagged application is available for free in the Google Play Store, you can always make in-app purchases which range from Rs.340 to Rs.13,600. Moreover, the application is available at the App Store for iPhone users.


Scopes for improvement:


I'm sure many of you have already started using this application on your Android and Apple gadgets. I even know that you might have faced certain issues while using this application. Below, I would be discussing certain common issues faced by the users.


Messaging and uploading of snaps become problematic at times- Yes, at times the Tagged application doesn't let you upload pictures by giving out the notification that there's no connection or something like that. Sometimes, it doesn't even let you see your messages. You can easily get your problems sorted out by visiting the website


Sometimes it doesn't turn up with your preferred search- It might happen that you are looking for people who are just a few miles away from your vicinity. But, it ends up showing people who are tens and thousands of kilometers away from your location. You can help yourself with these issues by visiting their website


 The Bottom Line:


Just as a coin has both its faces, every app has its positive and negative phases as well. Tagged has both its positive and negative faces to love and hate the app at the same time.

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