Brits are ready to relax by 7.47pm

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Brits don’t officially wind down until 7.47pm in the evening, new research by Yale reveals.

A study into the lifestyles and working hours of 2,000 people found life is officially two thirds hard work with more than 10 hours of the average person’s 15-hour day dedicated to the long slog of work and ticking off a never-ending to-do list.

Results showed the typical eight hour work day is topped up with a minimum of two hours of admin, errands and personal chores to keep modern life ticking over- with people admitting they don’t actually stop until just before 8pm.

And while we do get seven hours time at home awake most days - less than half that time is spent actually relaxing or enjoying our homes.

Our busy schedule, full social calendars and need for a holiday means increasingly little time spent at home- in fact the average UK property is left empty for 36 full nights a year.

No wonder then that 38% feel they don’t get enough time to properly enjoy their home or where they live.

The majority of these absences from home are likely to be during the summer, with 41% saying they spend more time away from home during this time than during the rest of the year.

And that leads one in five to think their home is likely to be less secure or more susceptible to break-ins during the summer.

Despite this, many fail to take the security of their home seriously with one in ten admitting they have lost a key in the past year.

Three in ten have gone out and left a window open while another 18% have left a door unlocked when they aren’t home.

More than one in ten even admitted they have gone out at least once in the past year and left a door wide open.

And the average Brit has left the garage door open once after leaving the house in the last three months.