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Parsa Parsa (@Parsa) Pinned comment
Islamic republic of Iran has all the hallmarks of a oppressive regime, and because they are driven by religious ideology it makes them cultish as well which means nothing is off limits. They won’t hesitate to devour their own members if something goes slightly off-kilter in their ‘security' arrangements which no one knows what it is.

In this case they are refusing to disclose the incriminating evidence against Zaghari-Ratcliffe.
Why on earth they put her in a solitary confinement?

The world has gone too soft on the Islamic regime! No regime gets away with so much cruelty against people as Islamic government of Iran does.
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abolhussein abolhussein (@abolhussein) replied to Parsa (@Parsa) Pinned comment
They should be called islamic republic of hell, since the mullahs and akhunds do not worship the holy spirit God, they worship satan
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sedaye_man sedaye_man (@sedaye_man) Pinned comment
So freaking sad.
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