When countries seek unilateral means to get ‘stuff’ done, this by-inference, means multi-lateral institutions are broken. It means multi-lateral institutions are NOT value added. National leaders have lost faith in multilateralism!

This is precisely, what the rise of Brexit and Trump both Signal! We are seeing the end of Multilateralism! So, what will it take to restore multilateralism? Do we need another world war to reform global institutions?

Our current global multi-lateral system is broken, and sadly outdated. There is also, institutional inertia and resistance to change in multi-lateral institutions. The net result of all this, has been a ‘trend’ among many countries to abandon multilateralism in favor of unilateralism to address critical issues. However, if you look at the United States or China or Russia or India, you see large Unions that have a federal infrastructure that add value to its member states.
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