Use this guide in your search for the best Bluetooth speakers in 2017.


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eDelphiero eDelphiero (@eDelphiero) Pinned comment
How about UE Boom 2? I heard that it has great presence for vocals, and the bass is pretty decent for how small the unit it. However, I liked Vifa Oslo more but is too expensive for a speaker...
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Psychologist Psychologist (@Psychologist) Pinned comment
Scoured every review on the internet for every top bt speaker in every category and I'm extremely satisfied with this bad boy. It really came down to the Boom and the Fugoo because of reviewed sound quality, size, and splash proofedness.
I'm very happy. Its impressive engineering that they get the bass and sound quality from something so relatively small. It meets all my needs. I can't say if its better than the Boom, but I'm not really worried about it.
Oh... I'm talking about Fugoo.
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antoine antoine (@antoine) Pinned comment
I'm thinking to buy a rainproof/water resistant Fugoo with 20-40 hour battery life.
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