Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata (1st Movement) - Classical Music

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Source: Youtube

Nothing like Beethoven to get you through the day.


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Dakho Dakho (@Dakho) Pinned comment
Indeed, nothing like a little Beethoven to get you going, especially on a cold Sunday.
His piano sonatas are just mesmerizing; "Aurore", "Pastorales", "Pathétique", "The Tempest (Der Strum)", "Appassionata",...are just out of this world.
According to Maxim Gorky, Lenin could never stop crying whenever he listened to "Appassionata"!
Thanks again for this treat and please accept in return, second and third movement of Piano Sonata No.14.

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ashianeh ashianeh (@ashianeh) Pinned comment
In these crazy times, pieces like this help us forget at least for a few minutes what is going on around us and all over the world. Thanks for posting!
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