Arsi Nami named as a Jury at 2018 Cannes Film Festival after winning the Jury Prize at 2017 Cannes Film Festival.

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Award winning actor and music artist Arsi Nami was elected into the judging panel of 2018 Cannes Film International Festival Entr'2 Marches. With the Jury Prize win at the 2017 Film Festival in Cannes, portraying the blind character Giovanni in "Love is Blind" as well as composing the film soundtrack,  Arsi Nami helped judge and select the nominees for this years film festival in CannesFull Cannes Entr'2 Marches team 
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oz6wlhs2.jpg(Cannes Festival Entr'2 Marches  Poster and still of Arsi Nami, photo by Laursen photo) 

During an early morning Pacific time in Los Angeles, we called up Arsi Nami and asked him couple of questions over a phone interview:

Question: -"How does it feel to be part of the Jury Panel in Cannes?

Arsi Nami: -"It is such a humbling opportunity to be part of the jury panel watching films from all over the world in the topic of disability. I got  goosebumps and inspired by each one of them.  Many of the films were either unbelievable documentaries, animations or based on true stories. I must say there were many nominees and award worthy winners , which made it tougher to help choose. But I am certain that at the end of the day, all the films end up with a big win for the disability community because of their wonderful ability to share awareness through the mediums of film and music to audiences around the world". 

Question: -"The Love is Blind film soundtrack contains 5 songs which you composed and produced, can you tell us about your feelings and the process of composing it".

Arsi Nami: -"The music writing and recording process was possibly the most emotional project I've done so far. By already have expressed Giovanni's disability and feelings towards his lover Marcy behind the camera, I definitely got teary eyed as I played the piano while watching the rough cut. I must say it got the deepest emotions out of me. Most importantly, the production really loved the music"


(Love is Blind Film Soundtrack and still of Arsi Nami : Klassy Films ) 

Question: - "Since your career took off with a National television debut in Sweden, you have won music and acting awards, featured on major commercials with Disney, Google, Ford, HP and BMW to name a few, and on top of that, you have released electronic dance music which has been featured on Fox TV shows like Bones and The Goodwin Games.  Like many talented artists you were raised in Sweden.  How much of the Swedish culture inspired your creativity? 

Arsi Nami: - " It all started by being raised by an amazing mother who told me to appreciate the Swedish and Persian culture equally. My creativity is the best of both worlds as well as other amazing world cultures in Los Angeles. By observing and learning the good parts from all cultures,  then combining them with consistency and my passion for the arts; did not only inspire my creativity, but also my behavior and respect towards people from different corners of the world"


(Arsi Nami's Music on Fox TV Shows: Bones and The Goodwin Games) 

Question: - "What are your thoughts regards to he passing of Swedish producer and DJ: Avicii/Tim Bergling"

Arsi Nami: -"Like million others around the world, it hit me hard when I heard the news, especially because he (Avicii/Tim Bergling) was Swedish. 

I didn't know him personally, but I was a big fan of his music. He was an extremely talented young man and many of his songs helped me get through tough times. His music will always live on and continue to inspire millions around the world including artists just like myself. 

Question: - "How do you manage stress and emotions? 

Arsi Nami: -"Stress and emotions is obviously normal, no matter what we do. But I must add that as creative individuals in the entertainment field, it is important for us to value our health, especially our mental health, because we tend to get in the loop of blending in our emotions with our hard work-ethic and consistency. Through history, humans have created the best materials when heartbroken or being connected deeply with our emotions. At the end of the day, its about being able to control our emotions and stress, so it can have a positive effect on our health".


(Love is Blind Film poster with Jury Prize and Nomination Laurels ) 

Arsi Nami, and the rest of the cast and production of Love is Blind,  did not only win the Jury Prize at the 2017 Cannes Film International Festival Entr'2 Marches but also won by raising disability awareness around the world. Since it's screening  for thousands at the world famous Palais des Festivals et des Congres in Cannes, Love is Blind has received enormous positive credits from the disability communities around the world. Love is Blind a film by Odai Al Mukdad, surrounds relationship insecurities which takes a turn when Arsi Nami's character Giovanni whom is in the phase of losing his sight, uses his charm to help save the relationship with his lover Marcy  (played by actress April Lam). Love is Blind available on Amazon Prime. (IMDb) 

 (Arsi Nami in BMW - The World Within )

Besides being featured as the lead actor in commercials for BMW, HP, Ford, NBA and Google, to name a few, Arsi Nami is known for advocating for the disability community and mental health through music therapy and film.   In 2018, Arsi Nami starred as the lead role in Children's Hospital Los Angeles "Healthcare in The Clouds" , a production by Society of Camera Operators and Imaginaut Entertainment, which has raised over $8 million for children's vision health. (Read full story)

(Arsi Nami and Talia Ibrahim in  Children's Hospital  "Healthcare in the Cloud")

Arsi Nami also starred in award winning short film, "Camelia" as the manic depressed painter Vincent, which takes place in 1880. Camelia is a  film by Yuechen Hao, which won the 2017 European Cinematography Awards for Best Film. (IMDb)

(Arsi Nami in "Camelia")

For more information about Arsi Nami, you can follow him on the web:

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d7hli8pk.jpg(Still of Arsi Nami photo by Charles Ge)

jno29q9q.jpg(Still of Arsi Nami photo by Charles Ge)

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Team of judges at Cannes Film Festival International Entr'2 Marches:

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